Science on the Move 2017 – Congratulations to 2Ea being awarded for Best Movie!

by Regina Bandi

The nation-wide school class science competition 2017 has concluded with its final event last Friday 9th of June. The Science on the Move team and jury as well as the top ten winning classes and teachers from the previous three rounds have come together in Basel, hosted in Roche’s Auditorium right next to the famous Roche Tower. The program promotes and requires the skills of a creative and motivated group of students. High school classes from all over Switzerland battled it out, first in their labs and now on stage for a top prize of a Science Week in London.

Our 2Ea Biology Focus Course has made it to the final fourth round and performed with an excellent presentation on stage as well as a awesomely defended poster session. The class was very happy to be announced as the winner of the movie award – as part of the prizes to be won among the final class teams.

And here is how 2Ea describes their motivation for taking the challenge to participating in “Science on the Move”: “We are a biology focus class of currently 9 students with very strong interest in life and the care for our planet. We are engaged, hard workers and critical thinkers. Our motivation and will to contribute to a respectful attitude towards nature goes beyond the standard. Each one of us brings with them a special gift which makes the team strong and multi-talented”.